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  • All booking fees must be settled by the beginning of our appointment.​

  • A deposit of 30% is required to secure all appointments.


  • Utmost hygiene and cleanliness are required to acquire my services.​

  • You must not to film or record our time together.​

Date Etiquette

  • Any outings or meals during our time together are to be covered by you.

  • No-one is to  be invited to our booking location without my consent.​

  • ​Boundary pushing or dangerous behaviour during our appointment, will result in entire loss of booking rate as well as our appointment being terminated immediately

  • Lateness must be informed


Health and Safety


Time limit response


For any cancellations 48 hours or more prior to our appointment, deposit is transferable to a new date within a 21-day period.​ Any subsequent cancellations will result in entire loss of deposit and will require full upfront payment for future bookings.​ Cancellations less than 24 hours before our meeting will result in loss of entire deposit. ​In case of any cancellations by me, the deposit will be returned in full, or the appointment rescheduled.

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