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Are you a man who enjoys leading a hedonistic lifestyle? Someone who likes to indulge in the finer things in life - good food, exciting adventures and amazing women?


Well then I believe you've met your match.

My name is Chloe Piper and much like yourself, I also like to lead a truly indulgent life.


Let me try and introduce myself, I could go on about how educated, elegant, intellectual and well travelled I am, though I think those are all the types of traits that someone needs to notice about a person, rather than be told. 


So, basically I'm a little Australian blue-eyed beauty, born and raised in the inner suburbs of Sydney. My soft skin is luscious enough for you to get lost in for an eternity and once you’ve grasped hold of my large perky breasts and round peachy ass you’ll forget about all your troubles. My pretty blue eyes won’t leave you disappointed, as you gaze into them while you tell me about your wildest fantasies, which I can't wait to further explore. 


I can be the escape from the mundane you crave, the release you desire or the adoration you deserve, either way I’ll make sure our experience together will be replaying on your mind long after we’ve parted, leaving you forever wanting more...


I love to make a genuine connection with those who I meet and will always prefer and find it easiest to build this chemistry with quality gentlemen. I appreciate being contacted by a man who knows how to indulge in himself and am grateful that you’ve taken time out of your busy day to do so.


How we spend our time together is up to you now, I love getting to know each other through art, history, food or between the sheets so a perfect date entailing any of these will easily intrigue me – until then…


Chloe x

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